How Do You Separate A Mixture of Salt and Pepper?

Written by Sarah and Nicky


In this lesson Mr. Buckman made a mixture of salt and pepper. Then he gave us this problem: How do we separate the salt from the pepper?



We decided to dissolve the salt into some warm water. Then we put a filter in the funnel. Then we poured in the salt and pepper solution.



The filter is capturing the pepper and some of the pepper’s color is going in the beaker with the salt solution.



When the water all dripped out, the pepper was separated apart from the salt solution.



We put the salt solution in a petri dish to let it evaporate. Then we watched it over a couple of days.


Petri dish

The water started to evaporate, leaving little crystals behind. The crystals happened first on the sides of the petri dish, then in the middle.



Wow! The salt is forming back together in the solution.



After a couple of days the solution has hardened and packed together. At the end, the salt got separated from the pepper.


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