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Welcome to Mrs. Danko's Physical Science




website for online textbook -  regular science: www.pearsonsuccessnet.com

website for honors science: http://glencoe.com/sites/common_assets/science/ose/


Necessary Supplies

Regular Physical Science & Honors Physical Science


    1 1/2 " 3 Ring binder (the 2 " is too big and the 1" is  much too small)


5 page protectors for handouts that will be kept all year long


6 dividers (I will provide you with a folder table of contents that will identify the labeling)


loose leaf paper - No Spirals, please!


pencils, blue or black ink pens (no homework or tests will be completed in red pen)


 Learn all about them at these websites below. Understand how Gustav, Hanna, Ike, and Josephine formed (2008 season).

http://www.ns.ec.gc.ca/weather/hurricane/kids.html  (Canadian website)

http://weather.about.com/od/hurricanes/tp/videohurricane.htm (please go to #9 for the interactive activity)







Criteria for writing a science article review

If the article is taken from the internet or a magazine the length of the article must be at least two pages long. It is difficult to find a lengthy article in the newspaper so I am making the requirement length shorter if the source is the newspaper. However, the article should at least occupy half of the page of the newspaper.

Be sure to highlight the article before writing the summary. At the very least your facts in the summary, and the direct quote and statistics that you used in the reflection should be highlighted. Other facts, that you deem interesting could be highlighted as well.



Sound Activity



Here is a NASA link to a newsletter that will give you the latest news as to what was happening in the skies, the international spacestation, etc. as reported by NASA. This site is organized by month.



The African American Scientist project


The completed project is worth 20% of the 4th quarter.




Waves & Vibrations hotlist

Tutorial on Waves

Click on Intro to Waves in the table pictured. Click on "Introduction to Waves", and use the play button to go through the slideshow.

Continue through the tutorial. As you do so write a brief summary of what you learned in a Word document.


Infrared "playtime"

Infrared waves

On the word document which you started from the tutorial, title a new section, called, "Infrared Waves". After you have viewed the objects in infrared light write a summary on where you noticed the hottest part of the different objects viewed.

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