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Nobel Prize

20 points

Pulitzer Prize

18 points




Basic Biography

Includes all checkpoints in the “Pulitzer” as well as some discussion of

*      Societal &/or world political climate

*      Significance of school


*      Background info on hometown (geography, etc)


Includes all checkpoints in the “Newsmaker” and includes info

*      Parents, siblings, & significant family (if applicable)

*      Economic situation

*      Employment history of parents

*      Parents’ education

*      Background info about

Scientist’s school



*      Birthplace & date

*      (if deceased) Place of death & date

*      Hometown info

*      Education (mainly college) Get the city and state location

Show us photos of the college

*      Career & area of research (if applicable)

Anecdotal information

Anecdotal selections illustrate

the great impact that the mentor(s) had which contributed to scientist’s success

*      Discussion of theme of    

               noteworthy stories

*      Discussion of theme of obstacles with




*      Noteworthy story of

       scientist’s youth                  

*      Significant obstacle that    

         needed to be       


*      People or situations that

     were inspirational



Impact of the invention or contribution to society

Explanation of science or technology behind the invention or contribution

Listing of inventions or contributions

    No development or  


Awards &/or memberships in significant organizations

Discussion of

significance of awards or memberships


Complete listing awards or memberships



Partial listing of awards or memberships



More than three sources listed using the GPP Styles’ Sheet

Listing of three sources using the Grosse Pointe Schools’ Style Sheet

Listing of  three sources