Expository Reading
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Strategic literacy instruction significantly improves the reading and writing growth of secondary level students.

National Assessment of Educational Progress (2005)


Expository text can be described as any written text that informs.  For example, essays, speeches, lab procedures, newspapers, magazine articles, and directions would be considered expository text.  This type of text makes up the bulk of what adults read.  Thus, students need to know how these texts work and how to approach them to gain the most understanding. 

Pre-reading strategies   Click Here  for ideas.       

During reading strategies  Click Here  for ideas.             

Post-reading strategies   Click Here  for ideas.    

More strategic reading help Click Here for ideas.                 

Throughout the year, students will learn and be able to use many strategies for reading a variety of expository text.  At home, accessing and using the strategies on the links above can assist you while supporting your child.

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